Welcome to bodysurfers.info

This website has been set up for Bodysurfers, please contact me with comments, suggestions and requests.

bodysurfers.info will provide a place for the bodysurfing community to exchange ideas and information about,


If you wish to join the forum please contact me with a forum name and brief overview about yourself. I have deactivated automatic registration so I can ensure our forum is not spammed.

All Bodysurfers

I have been receiving requests for bodysurfers from around the world to join this website and welcome all requests.

Information on bodysurfing breaks is only limited by members sending me the information required to create a good page.

Bodysurfing Gear

Information on bodysurfing products is welcomed from suppliers, please send me and email and we can discuss how to present your products and include links to your website or online shop for budysurfers to purchase.

Australian Bodysurfing TV Series

There is a very big possibility that a bodysurfing TV series is going to be shot in Australia this year. Rafael Rodrigues has already created a Bodysurf TV series for Brazilian TV and made an amazing job of it, you can view the series on Canal Off. I have create a blog post where you can read the email sent to me requesting some help.

Now I need your help. I need one person per location to help organise and create a list of the top bodysurfer in your area. Rafael wont get time to do everyone so a short list of places & people will help him as he travels around Australia filming the TV series.

Please send me an email if you are able to help.

Stay Tubed, Greg Cogar

Slyde Handboards Australian Team