Valhalla Hand Boards

What sets Valhalla Hand Boards apart is the fact that Mark will make custom orders

Mark Visser has been shaping boards since the mid 1970’s when he started shaping Valhalla surfboards in his parents garage at Bronte Beach in Sydney.

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Since then he has shaped heaps of custom surfboards, surf skis, windsurfers and hand boards.

In the early 1980’s he shaped in Europe and did prototype designs for a number of European windsurfing manufacturers, Mark also designed and shaped a speed board that set a world windsurfing speed record – piloted by Stefan van Den Berg who went on to win gold at the LA Olympics in windsurfing.

These days Mark crafts hand boards from Paulownia and Cedar, each hand board is unique and he applies the skills learnt over 40 years designing planning hulls to hand boards.

For your custom handboard contact Mark at Valhalla

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