Developed in Hawaii with input from world renowned pros such as Mark Cunningham and Brian Keaulana, DaFiN was granted a U.S. Patent for its original design. DaFiN combines unparalleled comfort with exacting construction to create a swim fin that performs under the most extreme conditions.

The side rails — the “strakes”— on DaFiN are rock solid but run only about half way down the length of the fin where they angle back to the blade. This forces the fin to flex right at this critical point. The raised v-shaped foot pocket combined with a stiff blade working together at the point of flex creates maximum acceleration of the water flowing over the fin surface resulting in more thrust per kick with less effort. For such a powerful fin, it is unusually light in weight. DaFiN floats in the ocean and there is no right or left foot difference so DaFiN can be worn on either foot.

DaFiN has earned its reputation with strong endorsements from the world’s best watermen and has become the #1 choice of lifeguards, bodysurfers, and top watermen around the world.

DaFin also manufacture Kicks fins, a high performance bodyboarding fin developed by Cochran and Hawaii bodyboarding legend Aka Lyman.

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What are your ideal body surfing fins?

Have you ever dreamed of comfortable body surfing fins with streamlined power and smooth control on the wave?

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Do you long for body surfing fins that leave your feet free to swim naturally and walk easier than with foot flippers?

Can you picture yourself body surfing using a natural, efficient kick with power from the strong muscles in your thighs, buttocks, stomach and torso? Bodysurfers around the world are switching to shinfin™ leg fins for all these benefits and more. shinfin™ leg fins will help you achieve your body surfing dreams.