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We bring you up close and personal to the wedge series “woody” handboard/handplane. The first reaction from most people to the woody is how sick it looks. The next is to how light it is. The woody is made with either White Oak, birch, or maple and the darker version is a walnut or cherry wood Veneer.

Our CSC technology sandwiches the foam core in a 3mm layer of PVC foam. This sandwich technology increases strength by 30% and decreases weight by nearly 30%. Our vacuum seal process creates a full and completely seamless cover over the whole-board which eliminates weak spots found in many other sandwich surf boards.

Slyde Handboards


The Wedge Grommet like the Pro model is designed by our crew of shapers and has the same custom swallow tailed shape as its senior cousin the Wedge Pro. However the Grommet was designed with minor changes to accommodate less experienced riders. Not everyone wants to ride 10 foot dumping shore break! The major difference Is the volume, rails and size. Slightly longer by an 1.5′ and with rounder rails the Grommet allows for more leniency in your turns and due to the increased volume far more buoyancy on smaller waves. Also the Grommet does not come with Slyde Syndikit art work.

Slyde Handboards

Wedge Pro Series

The Wedge Pro Series is the culmination of a whole lot of riding Handboards the set consists five designs The Fat Cat, Hell wave, Flame Head, Blu-Ray and the Envy this series of designs was crafted by the magnificent Paul Mascatelli of our famed Art Syndikit.

The name “the wedge” comes from three angles. Most think its named after the Newport beach wedge but it’s actually a secret spot on the east coast of South Africa, A spot we rode a few years back. Wedge also seems to be the Nick name given to wave with a tendency for freakish behavior and great for bodysurfing with sick drops and most likely annihilation at the end of the ride. This name was Probably brought on by the Newport beach Wedge. Thirdly the board reminded us of a wedge of cake so tasty looking you could eat it. don’t ask we are a strange bunch!


Slyde Handboards Australian Team



Enjoy Handplanes

Enjoy Handplanes were created by Ed Lewis and Kipp Denslow as a way to save broken surfboards, old wetsuits and production waste from going to the landfills.

Their mission is to keep broken boards and manufacturing waste from the landfills while creating products that are fun to use and environmentally responsible.

All Enjoy Handplanes are made with either old foam from broken boards or ruined blanks from manufacturing for the board and neoprene from used wetsuits to make the handles. They use materials that do not currently have a means of recycling and would end up in the landfill.

Each handplane is shaped and custom glassed with Entropy Bio Epoxy, providing a second chance to a once loved board or wrecked blank doomed to the land fill. So get out there, start bodysurfing and Enjoy yourself!




Garage Handplanes

Garage Handplanes (Avalon Beach, Sydney) designs and produces high quality, performance based bodysurfing handplanes.

In the late ’70s Garage Handplanes founder David Archer bodysurfed for the first time. The feeling David got from being propelled towards shore electrified both his body and his mind. “What an amazing experience”, he thought. “To be lifted up and magically transported to shore by a wave that had travelled thousands of miles.” Even before the wave that had gifted David his first ride had a chance to disappear up the sandy shoreline he was hooked.

Thousands of exhilarating (and some not so exhilarating) waves later Garage Handplanes was born after David attempted to replace his trusty old NZ made ‘Taylors Mistake’ handplane. Finding nothing like it was available, David then begun up-cycling foam from broken boards and second surfboard blanks to shape performance handplanes in his garage on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Carefully designed for form and function Garage Handplanes serendipitously glides into the market just as a resurgence of interest in bodysurfing takes off thanks to former professional surfer Keith Malloy’s documentary ‘Come Hell or High Water’. A film that beautifully captures the essence of this underground ‘not too cool sport’.

Whether you call it bodysurfing, bodybashing, womping or surfing the body – there’s nothing more liberating (or fun) than swimming out into the ocean to engage yourself in the pursuit of bodysurfing.

At Garage Handplanes they believe being inside a wave is the greatest place available for a human to lose oneself in the majesty of nature…In the surfing world (where boards reign supreme), body surfing truly is the alternative to the alternative.


Wawa, Handslide

To get on the wave, bodysurfers must time their launch, pick a direction, kick and stroke hard with feet and arms, then use their back and outstretched arm, to ride the wave both sideways and downward.

Wawa offers a range of Handslides to help surfers better understand the varying characteristics of a wave and assist the bodysurfer, making spins and barrel rolls a whole lot easier.

To get on the wave, bodysurfers must time their launch, pick a direction, kick and stroke hard with feet and arms, then use their back and outstretched arm, to ride the wave both sideways and downward.

Wawa offers a range of Handslides to help surfers better understand the varying characteristics of a wave and assist the bodysurfer, making spins and barrel rolls a whole lot easier.

Why wood? – When selecting wood, we look for a combination of lightness and durability. This requirement usually leads to various woods traditionally used for boat building. Sourcing mainly woods grown locally, our favourites are alien species such as Swamp Cypress, Pencil Cedar and Redwood. Offering the boards great flex, wood remains the most natural and beautiful of materials you can work with as a board shaper. Being very selective with the wood used for each board further drive products that reaches far beyond the bounds of mass production.

handboards wawa handslide
handboards wawa handslide
handboards wawa handslide
handboards wawa handslide

Taylor’s Mistake Handski

The Bodysurfing Hand Board That Lets You Ride Waves Longer & Faster.

What makes it so good?

  • The formed handhold gives you maximum grip to steer and make radical moves
  • The high floatation will get you surfing earlier and easier
  • It’s safe and releases instantly if you get caught in the washing machine, just open the hand and it slips off
  • The concave bottom gives excellent directional control and speed
  • Swimming is easy and the extra surface allows for a powerful stroke
  • You can sit and rest on the Handboard in between sets of waves
  • The injection molded construction makes it extremely tough, see the video on our website on how tough it is

Big or small, glassy or lumpy, Taylor’s Mistake Handski handles it all.

Take a look at the the Taylor’s Mistake Handski a beautiful and amazing handboard design for bodysurfing.

Man-O-War Handboards

These ain’t your mama’s handboards, the ultimate surf tools, man-o-war handboards, born and tested at the best Hawaiian body surfing beaches. Molded fiberglass, with adjustable straps and nylon buckles, these boards allow you to surf waves from shorebreak to the point. Never before has there been a ” put on and forget ” product like man-o-war, just as you forget you have your fins on, these boards become part of your hand, comfortably giving you hours of wave catching.

Slide your hand into a pair of our boards, feel the support the left and right humps give your hands, then you will know why these are the one and only surf tools to use.

oh yeah, we can pimp your boards, works of art, from wild to outrageous. no two look alike…. foam filled, molded fiberglass humps seat your hands in comfort. they double your pulling power, and allow you to skate down waves.

Man-O-War Handboard


More Fun in the water

Grab one and go. The Surf-Grip is made of a lightweight and bendable EPE (expanded poly-ethylene) paddle with a handle for buoyancy and planing. It floats and wants to stay on the surface.

A mini water ski or wake-board for your hand. Easy grip handle with no leashes or finger holds to slow you down. It’s 3D shape creates a “wave wall” which can provide some additional speed and momentum from the ‘fire hose” effect.

The Surf-Grip surface is soft so it is safer in crowded breaks. Probably the lowest price hand plane available.

Skiddpro Handboards

The newest design, made in Fremont California, our GP version has a built in GoPro camera mount, enhances the length of your ride. Designed for moderate surf, not intended for the large breaks.

This handboard was the long time dream of Daniel Bell which now is available for purchase from

This will elevate your feeling with the wave and extend your distance 100%. To make things even better they are selling models with a GoPro camera mount.

In 1983 Daniel was in San Diego using a frisbee as a hand board …. fast forward to Kauai, Hawaii January 2012, still using a frisbee.

This project was birthed out of a love for the sport of body surfing.

Design patent in hand and a passion to be made in the USA, Daniel met with his manufacturer and the first 20 prototyped were coming off the line in July 2012.

After a successful weekend of trials in Redondo Beach we placed the order for the first 500 units due in August 2012.

Skiddpro Handboards Team
Skiddpro Handboards