Bodysurfers try to describe bodysurfing to their friends as the the enjoyment of using only their body to ride a wave, often getting some strange looks!

Some bodysurfers describe it as the purest way to connect with the oceans waves, and I agree with them!

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Garage Handplanes has been creating custom-designed bodysurfing tools for almost a decade, borne of a passion for riding waves in the simplest terms. Refining a diverse quiver of handplanes over many months of research and development to four distinguished models of the highest quality, Garage has catered to bodysurfers worldwide, providing equipment for world champions, soul surfers and pioneers, and almost every wave imaginable. Read More

garage mabo handplane

garage mabo handplane should be able to offer you some help finding yourself the right, 

To make your time in the water fun

It is also a place to check in and find out some information about body surfing breaks


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Bodysurfing Gear

Information on bodysurfing products is welcomed from suppliers, please send me and email and we can discuss how to present your products and include links to your website or online shop for bodysurfers to purchase.

Stay Tubed, Greg Cogar