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This website has been set up for Bodysurfers, please contact me with comments, suggestions and requests. will provide a place for the bodysurfing community to exchange ideas and information about all things bodysurfing.

Bodysurfing Goggles

Bodysurfing Goggles

Surf sunglasses and goggles for body surfing are one and the same. They are sunglasses designed for use during water sports. The frames are extra strong and the lenses will not break or fall out even when being pushed by the water. The lenses have a hydrophobic coating which helps the water to sheet off. Surf sunglasses always have a head strap to keep the glasses securely on your head and some surf sunglasses come with an extra layer of protection from loss, a leash that can be secured to a wetsuit or around your neck. Goggle for body surfing (surf sunglasses) do not seal around the eyes but have maximize air circulation to minimize fogging.

Tierra del Fuego

The Tierra del Fuego have hydrophobic coated lenses which repel water along with oils and dust particles – your glasses will stay clean for longer. When they do get dirty, hydrophobic lenses clean easier than normal lenses.

Cool, extremely comfortable sunglasses that are great for use on the land or in the sea. Dark and yellow lenses included.

Bodysurfing Goggles Tierra del Fuego


Excellent drainage, a hydrophobic water shield coating on the lenses, and a non-elastic head strap make these sunglasses a favorite for body surfers. There is
some danger of loosing a lens in the surf.

Bodysurfing Goggles Mauricio

Surf Shades X

New cool design is backed up by a 1 year guarantee against loss in the surf. Also available in prescription lenses, Surf Shades X can be fit with prescriptions up to SPH -4 & CYL 2.

Bodysurfing Goggles Surf Shades X

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