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Bodysurfing Break Cape Woolamai is on Phillip Island

Phillip Island, VIC Australia

  • Tide: Best bodysurfing conditions are normally going off on Any tide
  • Wind: Blowing in from the North East is most suitable
  • Swell: A pumping South West swell is ideal
  • Notes: Cape Woolamai is on Phillip Island , 120km Southeast of Melbourne, Victoria is about a 4km long stretch of sand covered reefs with various rights and lefts.

Break Information

Wooli – Cape Woolamai is about a 4km long stretch of sand covered reefs on Phillip Island. It gets plenty of swell, and the rips there get faster in proportion to the swell, and how low the tide is. It maxes out about 3m unless there are deep channels and high tide.

The surfable banks change with each storm, so you can often find a quiet wave away from the popular banks. Best Conditions are at 1-1.5 meters after that you have to work really hard fighting the currents. North East winds are offshore.

There are plenty of fish, seals and men in grey suits. If you see a seal between you and the sand, go in immediately. ShortTail Shearwater (AKA Mutton birds) in summer (they sit on the road early in the morning, turn the headlights to parkers only and they won’t fly at your car, even better get out and chase em for a morning warm up!)

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