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Flat Rock, Newcastle Mid-North Coast NSW, Bodysurfers Info

bodysurfing break flat rock

Newcastle, NSW Australia

  • Tide: Best bodysurfing conditions are normally going off on Any tide
  • Wind: Blowing in from the North West is most suitable
  • Swell: A pumping South East swell is ideal
  • Notes: Flatrock is a right-hander that works on all tides but best on high. Best on a south-east to east swell.

Break Information

Flatrock is a right-hander that works on all tides but best on high. Best on a south-east to east swell.

If it’s any more to the north it barrels too fast for bodysurfers and is prone to closeouts. Holds up to 6ft nicely, any bigger it closes out.

Can get a bit crowded when it’s good, especially on high tide, but the locals are warm to bodysurfers. Like anywhere, do the right thing and you’ll be fine.

The Crew


Attention all Bodysurfers

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Newcastle Australia is home to an annual bodysurfing event that has gone from strength to strength in recent years, so much so that we would like to extend an invitation to International competitors.

The Flatrock Bodysurfing Invitational is Australia’s only bodysurfing contest held on reef. The contest is open to those who receive an invitation to compete, keeping the standard at a high level. It is a short-format contest that has a low number of competitors (approximately 20-25, give or take a few), and goes for a 5 hour duration. These numbers may increase, depending on interest.

Previous competitors include lifeguards, triathletes, Iron men and Olympic Swimmers. This is not a contest for beginners! The event is a free-hand event, i.e. no handboards allowed. Wetsuits, fins and gloves are all permissible, and in fact recommended as the event is held in August, which is in the Australian winter. Water temperatures generally hover around 16˚ Celsius (61˚ F) that time of year.

Unfortunately we do not have the luxury of a holding period. If the surf on the day is too big/small, the event will be postponed for two weeks. For this reason we caution against traveling to Australia solely for the event! Be aware you come at your own inconvenience if the event is postponed or, God forbid, has to held in less-than-desirable conditions. Your trip here won’t be a disaster if you are already traveling to Australia for business or a holiday.

Some details about the event

Venue: Flatrock, Newcastle NSW. Newcastle is the next major city north of Sydney, about an hour’s drive.

Date: August 11, 2013 – Held in a 3-4ft South Swell with offshore winds.


  1. Scott Getsarkis
  2. Garth McGregor
  3. Gavin Morten
  4. Dave lonsdale
  5. Greg Mayers

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