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Bodysurfers Info, Rennies Beach, Ulladulla South Coast NSW Australia

Rennies Beach Ulladulla South Coast NSW

Ulladulla, NSW Australia

  • Tide: Best bodysurfing conditions are normally going off on Low tide
  • Wind: Blowing in from the North East is most suitable
  • Swell: A pumping South and South East swell is ideal
  • Notes: Beach break with lefts & rights, south end has right-hander over submerged rocky reef.

Break Information

Rennies is predominantly a beach break with shifting sand banks offering both lefts and rights.

Best conditions on any tide and South to South East swell with North East to North winds .

Holds big surf well and also fun on those small summer days. At the south end of the beach there is a small rocky reef that sometimes gets covered with sand. Dolphins travel up and down the area and often swim very close to see what you’re doing.

Information provided by: Greg Cogar

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2 Responses to Rennies Beach

  • I live approximately 150mtrs from Rennies Beach. I can normally stroll down and find an uncrowded wave when it’s not holiday season. The shifting sand bank provides lefts and rights with excellent quality rides.

    Just north is the Ulladulla Bobmie if you are into a more challenging powerful wave, but it’s very protected by locals, you may get yourself in trouble if you want to bodysurf it.

  • Greg loves this place and we are lucky to live so close to the beach so he can enjoy bodysurfing all the time.

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