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The Wedge,Newport Beach,Southern California

The Wedge, Newport Beach, Southern California

  • Tide: Best bodysurfing conditions are normally going off on middle tide
  • Wind: Blowing in from the East to North East is most suitable
  • Swell: A pumping South to South West swell is ideal
  • Notes: A sand break that offers only a left because the right would send you straight into a rock jetty. Very shallow bottom make conditions very dangerous.

Break Information

Holds very big to medium sized surf well but is usually flat in winter because of the N swells and South Pacific dormancy. Bodysurfers dominate this wave, although stand up surfers and body boarders flock to it when the blackball flag is not posted.

Big and dangerous wave! Advanced watermen only! Respect is vital because of the localization! Try and find a local who knows the break and regular surfers at The Wedge so you can get in the water easier.

Massive left shoulder powerful shore break wave. It is considered to be the most dangerous bodysurfing wave in the world because of the power and shallow bottom.

The bottom drops out into a deep water channel and then rapidly gets shallower to about five feet deep. The blackball flag is put up May-October and it bans all types of board surfing from 10 am to 5pm.

One of the only bodysurfer controlled breaks in the world. Local group of guys call themselves “The Wedge Crew” and are out only on the biggest days when the waves exceed 25 feet.

It gets its name from the wedge shape of the wave only caused by a South West or South swell. When the swell interval is just right, one wave will smack into the jetty and then reverberate back towards the other wave and they meet together at a “wedge” peak. This in turn, means the wave has the power equivalent of two swells put into one!

Biggest day on record was Hurricane Marie that hit on August 27 2014 and created 40 foot rogue sets at The Wedge!! Expert watermen only!!

Information provided by: Dylan Biggerstaff

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