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Bodysurfing break, Warriewood Sydney NSW

Warriewood Beach, Northern Beaches, Sydney NSW

  • Tide: Best bodysurfing conditions are normally high tide when it’s large
  • Wind: Blowing in from the South is most suitable
  • Swell: A pumping Southerly swell is ideal
  • Notes: Predominantly a right hand at the southern end when pumping.
  • Parking: Parking down at the beach is metered and the council are ruthless, so don’t be tempted, get a parking permit or park up top.

Break Information

Warriewood Beach is a small beach situated north of Narrabeen and south of Mona Vale (at low tide you can walk on the sand around to Mona).

Warriewood Beach is predominantly a right hand break at the southern end when it’s pumping. However there is a lot of board traffic there so bodysurfers tend to go towards the middle where it can break both ways but predominantly to the right. When it’s pumping I prefer a high tide as there is plenty of water underneath and no hassle with sand bars. At low there tends to be a lot of water movement close in to the beach and a large powerful current / rip just north of the middle which takes you north to Mona Vale. At low tide it tends to close out very quickly too. At high it banks better, there’s a longer ride and the close outs not so violent.

Like most beaches things can change.

Photos courtesy of: DaveGHP (and Tatum)

Information provided by: Condorman

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