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European Bodysurf Championship in Portugal for the first time

Bodysurf Peniche Pro 2017

European Bodysurf Championship in Portugal for the first time

Portugal hosts for the first time an international Bodysurf competition, with the stage Bodysurf Peniche Pro 2017 opening the Euro Bodysurf Tour, on 15 and 16 April.

Over the two days of competition in Peniche are expected more than 60 athletes, to compete in the Junior, Master and Open categories, both men and women.

The 2017 European Tour will consist of three stops, and after passing through Peniche it will go to France in June, finishing in Morocco in November, where the European Bodysurf Champions of 2017 will be crowned. “It is a huge victory to bring to Portugal the first stage of the European Tour of Bodysurfing, this is another decisive step in the growth of this sport that we brought to Portugal at the end of 2014 and that has been growing in a healthy and organic way”, emphasizes Antonio Pedro, the Portuguese organizer of the Euro Bodysurf Association.

Peniche on the bodysurfer’s route

Peniche is already part of the calendar of the National Bodysurf Championship since its first edition in 2015, being one of the most awaited stages due to the excellent conditions that the wave of Supertubos offers to practice Bodysurf. The Bodysurf Peniche Pro 2017 is seen by the Mayor of Peniche as an excellent opportunity to promote Bodysurf and Portugal: “The support of the Municipality of Peniche to this event is something natural, reinforced by the quality of the waves. Bodysurfers have been involved in initiatives to promote Bodysurf and Peniche, so Peniche is very grateful and we support this whole community, which lives a unique spirit, very supportive.

The Portuguese delegation is enthusiastic: “This year we are going for the win!”

The inclusion of Peniche in the route of the European tour is considered by the Portuguese athletes an excellent opportunity. Miguel Rocha, the current Bodysurf national champion, is confident about the performances of the Portuguese delegation: “It is great to know that this year we will have the first stage of the European in Portugal, this stage only demonstrates how much Bodysurf is growing here in our little corner. It will be the third year that we (Portugal) are going to participate. Last year we had very well qualified athletes. This year we are going for the win!

This championship is only possible with the support of the Municipality of Peniche, the Peniche High Performance Surf Centre, the Peninsula of Peniche Surf Club, ALMA, Xcel, Dafin, Fonte Viva, VitaCress, Espumantaria, UCA and Caruma, brands of handplanes, the media partners Beachcam and Vert Mag, the Portuguese Surfing Federation, the Surf Social Wave Association that assumes the organization of this championship and especially the bodysurfers that are the greatest incentive to take this championship further.

All the conditions are gathered for the beginning of the new competitive season and an excellent Bodysurfing Easter in Peniche!

Entries for the Bodysurf Peniche Pro2017 are available at: