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Slyde Charity Handboard Comp Held Annually 3rd - 4th Sat Jun


Slyde Charity Handboard Competition

  • When: Held Annually 3rd or 4th Sat Jun.
  • Where: San Clemente Pier CA USA
  • Registration: Via SLYDE Handboards



As an offshoot of bodysurfing, this contest draws a mixed bag of lifeguards, water polo players, swimmers, and ocean lovers, and a crowds of waveriding enthusiast that want to watch ans support this event.

In 2018 the good vibes of the day and the future of handboarding were best captured in legendary bodysurfer Mark Cunningham’s acceptance speech.

I’m stoked to be a part of this event!

Mark Cunningham also said.

I’d like to salute all our fellow competitors and especially their parents for bringing their kids down here and getting them stoked in the shore break. Mahalo to all you moms and dads out there for turning your kids onto the ocean.

Vist SLYDE Handboards for more information.


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