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This website has been set up for Bodysurfers, please contact me with comments, suggestions and requests. will provide a place for the bodysurfing community to exchange ideas and information about all things bodysurfing.

Bodysurfing Sole Handplanes, Moontail Tuffskins

Sole handboards

Sole Handplanes, Moontail Tuffskins

Satisfy your primal ocean urge!

Our most popular model, The Moontail is our take on a classic. The generous surface area helps with smaller waves and provides lift for the larger bodysurfer. It still has our signature thin, featherweight profile so it won’t hinder your swimming or escapes out the back.

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Sole Handplanes, Moontail Tuffskins – Information

Maximum Concavity. Concavity helps set an edge into the wave face enabling the bodysurfer to set a high, driving line. Lots of concavity means the rail is always in contact with the wave providing bite. The concavity also helps capture the flow of water up the face of a wave turning that energy into lift and down the line speed.

A Superior Binding. The connection to your handplane is extremely important for control -just as with a ski or snowboard binding. A solid connection keeps the opposing wave torque from controlling the plane -you maintain control, not the wave. The 2” wide binding is fully padded and adjustable and are as comfortable as they are reliable. The materials are polypropylene and neoprene with a Velcro closure. There are no binding mounts to fail.

Swimability and Usability. An important functional consideration was to relieve pressure on the arm and shoulder when slipping out the back of a wave or while taking a beating. We also wanted a plane that is easy to swim with, so we designed our planes to be lightweight, have a super thin profile and a buoyancy that’s just above neutral.

Construction. Our bindings and boards are manufactured with pride in San Diego by veteran companies in the surf and skate industry. Sole takes hand plane construction to the next level by sandwiching a high density foam core between surface layers of impact and scratch resistant HDL. Requiring no finish or sealer, our planes will take a licking and keep on ticking. We fully stand behind each and every one of our planes.

Warning: these are not floatation devices so use with caution.

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THE MOON TAIL: 12.5″ x 7.5″ x .25″ – 31.5cm x 19.2cm x .6cm

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