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Topic: Breezy Point, Queens NY

Brian H


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Post Breezy Point, Queens NY

on: August 4, 2017, 09:10

I am a lifetime Body Surfer, now 55 years old. Breezy Point, NY is my spot.

Worked as a Summer Lifeguard in the Rockaways (5 miles from Breezy) during High School and College, best summer job ever. Got paid to swim in the ocean. Swam in College, best event 50 Free 21.32 (yards) Living on Long Island now, so I don't get to go as much to Breezy as much as I'd like too.

September, October (hurricane season) is the best time on Long Island, water is still warm, crowds are gone swells get big and offshore wind kick ups.

Caught some of my best and biggest waves, down by the Breezy Point rock jetty. It's a short season for intense waves. They are big, thick, fast, with 10' + steep drops, (not as big as The Wedge, Balboa Peninsula, Newport Beach Ca).... but just as intense. This is my favorite type of wave, I love the adrenaline rush! Once you commit on these waves you have to ride it no backing out, otherwise you're going to get hurt.

Maybe when I retire is I'll head to Costa Rica. Read another posting 300 days of great waves, my kind of place!




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Post Re: Breezy Point, Queens NY

on: August 4, 2017, 09:17

Hi Brian, thanks for joining up and saying hello.
Your break Breezy Point - sounds intense and a great wave.
Looking forward to seeing some more photos of you taking the drop, like this one!

Everything in this universe has a unique frequency, all you have to do is tune in ~ ~ ~

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