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Topic: Intro robertbruce



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Post Intro robertbruce

on: March 30, 2019, 11:10

Heya all,
I've written a quiz for my intro.

How do you know you love bodysurfing
A. When you stop chasing women and start chasing waves.
B. When you start purposefully eating like a beast.
C. When you dislike stickers on your car and start putting bodysurfing stickers on your car.
D. When you realise board-surfing should be spelt bored-surfing.
E. When you sell your mini-mal and buy a set of flippers.
F. When you realise time slows by a factor of 1000 for bodysurfing.
G. When people ask if you surf and you answer with emphasis and gravity of a thousand suns "Yes, but I'm a bodysurfer"
H. When your torpedoing into the shore gaging for breath but refuse to stop kicking
I. All of the above.

I know you got it right!

I'm on the southern Australian coastline for the winter surf, its cold, ho-hum, I love it...

Regards RobertBruce

May you pockets run deep and long. Respect The Ocean!



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Post Re: Intro robertbruce

on: March 30, 2019, 11:28

Very true Robert,

Great to hear from you. Looks like the swell here in Ulladulla is picking up today and tomorrow. Hope you also get some waves and have a great weekend. Get some SurfEars 3.0 to help protect yourself in that cold water 🙂

Everything in this universe has a unique frequency, all you have to do is tune in ~ ~ ~

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