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Topic: Kiwi in the Basque Country



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Post Kiwi in the Basque Country

on: July 15, 2017, 20:20

Hi. I'm a 58 year old Kiwi musician living (and bodysurfing) for many years now with one foot in France and the other in Spain on the Atlantic coast. This is the Basque Country, and it's good surfing country with, on the French side, some really excellent bodysurfers. Between Mundaka (Spain) and the Hossegor area (called Les Landes) in France there are a huge number of breaks of all different types and qualities, from worldclass killer tubes to normal fun: reefs, beaches, point breaks, river mouths etc.

When free from work, like to explore Europe's surf spots (esp. Portugal, Morocco, Ireland, Scotland) - it's easy with the cheap airlines. The uploaded photo is from Confital, a worldclass killer tube on Gran Canaria and probably the most exciting break I've ever encountered.

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