Bodysurfing Handboards

Grom Handboard

Perfect blend of soft foam and functional shape excellent fun-board. something that i’m not worried will take out a tooth, but can give a big boost of lift and speed.

The Slyde Grom bodysurfing handboard is the ultimate fun board and awesome starter shred stick that will turn your bodysurfing session into the time of your life. Made with super advanced construction, an ultra buoyant EPS foam core and extra sticky EBS top skin with a buttery smooth HPDE slick bottom that will have you racing down any wave like a pro, no matter your skill level.


Bump Friendly

Constructed with a durable foam core and a super soft water tight outer foam skin that won’t hurt you even on the biggest wave.

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Wedge Handboard



We have dedicated years to finding the best possible way to make our boards, there are over 30 individual steps that go into building every slyde handboard. We make them to last, the high tech materials that we use make them as strong as they are beautiful. We took the guess work and error out of the shape by using the most advanced manufacturing process ever, decreasing weight, increasing buoyancy and giving you the longest ride you will ever have on a handboard.

The Wedge. Sleek, lightweight, built to last and designed for speed. The most technically advanced handboard on the planet has more buoyancy, giving you more lift and, therefore, less drag, allowing you far more control of the wave than a smaller board. Carve, Stall, you name it this board will let you do it. Take control!


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Perfection comes standard with the wedge shape. we perfectly combined the refined and technical manufacturing and design process of your favorite snowboard with the lightness and buoyancy of your surfboard to create the most advanced handboard in the world. the wedge shape is constructed of high grade urethane foam core, a layer of triaxial fiberglass and epoxy resin and a high pressure laminate for perfect weight to strength ratio we thought of all the little things that would make your experience that little bit more enjoyable and threw them into the design of the wedge shape.

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Phish Handboard



The inspiration for the phish shape comes from the classic retro fish boards of the 1970’s. with the deep cut fish tail and long flowing outline that allows the water to flow smoothly and uninterrupted down the entire length of the rails and effortless released out the back. don’t be surprised when you get an in and out barrel.

The Slyde Phish is an incredible shape designed for speed. The Phish is a great option if you are looking for that little extra speed down the line. This is handboard design taken to another level.


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The Phish is the fastest board in the slyde collection and performs best in medium to large surf or fast breaking waves. the perfectly crafted, pinched rails, slight concave and rolled hull design allow you to effortlessly pick your line and speed down the wave with optimal propulsion.

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Bula Handboard


The Slyde Bula Shorebreak Womp Board is Sleek, lightweight, built to last and designed for speed. The most advanced and performance driven handboard on the market, designed and tested by Point Panic’s local and Kaha Nalu Hawaii founder, Sean Enoka.

The Slyde Bula is an incredible shape designed for speed. The Bula is a great option if you are looking for that little extra speed down the line. This is handboard design taken to another level.


All about the Hawaiian Bula

The bula is probably the most advanced handboard on the planet. Need we say more!? Made with ultra-strong tpu and carbon on the carbon boards. This is one insane board.

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Slyde Handboards Australian Team







Sole Handplanes

Made with serious bodysurfing in mind.

THE POCKET ROCKET: 10.75″ x 6.75″ x .25″ – 27.3cm x 17.2cm x .6cm

Maximum Concavity. Concavity helps set an edge into the wave face enabling the bodysurfer to set a high, driving line. Lots of concavity means the rail is always in contact with the wave providing bite. The concavity also helps capture the flow of water up the face of a wave turning that energy into lift and down the line speed.

A Superior Binding. The connection to your handplane is extremely important for control -just as with a ski or snowboard binding. A solid connection keeps the opposing wave torque from controlling the plane -you maintain control, not the wave. The 2” wide binding is fully padded and adjustable and are as comfortable as they are reliable. The materials are polypropylene and neoprene with a Velcro closure. There are no binding mounts to fail.

Swimability and Usability. An important functional consideration was to relieve pressure on the arm and shoulder when slipping out the back of a wave or while taking a beating. We also wanted a plane that is easy to swim with, so we designed our planes to be lightweight, have a super thin profile and a buoyancy that’s just above neutral.

Construction. Our bindings and boards are manufactured with pride in San Diego by veteran companies in the surf and skate industry. Sole takes hand plane construction to the next level by sandwiching a high density foam core between surface layers of impact and scratch resistant HDL. Requiring no finish or sealer, our planes will take a licking and keep on ticking. We fully stand behind each and every one of our planes.

Warning: these are not floatation devices so use with caution.

THE MOON TAIL: 12.5″ x 7.5″ x .25″ – 31.5cm x 19.2cm x .6cm




Garage Handplanes

Garage Handplanes (Avalon Beach, Sydney) designs and produces high quality, performance based bodysurfing handplanes.

In the late 1970 era Garage Handplanes founder David Archer bodysurfed for the first time. The feeling David got from being propelled towards shore electrified both his body and his mind. “What an amazing experience”, he thought. “To be lifted up and magically transported to shore by a wave that had travelled thousands of miles.” Even before the wave that had gifted David his first ride had a chance to disappear up the sandy shoreline he was hooked.

Thousands of exhilarating (and some not so exhilarating) waves later Garage Handplanes was born after David attempted to replace his trusty old NZ made ‘Taylors Mistake’ handplane. Finding nothing like it was available, David then begun up-cycling foam from broken boards and second surfboard blanks to shape performance handplanes in his garage on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Carefully designed for form and function Garage Handplanes serendipitously glides into the market just as a resurgence of interest in bodysurfing takes off thanks to former professional surfer Keith Malloy’s documentary ‘Come Hell or High Water’. A film that beautifully captures the essence of this underground ‘not too cool sport’.

Whether you call it bodysurfing, bodybashing, womping or surfing the body – there’s nothing more liberating (or fun) than swimming out into the ocean to engage yourself in the pursuit of bodysurfing.

At Garage Handplanes they believe being inside a wave is the greatest place available for a human to lose oneself in the majesty of nature…In the surfing world (where boards reign supreme), body surfing truly is the alternative to the alternative.





More Fun in the water

Grab one and go. The Surf-Grip is made of a lightweight and bendable EPE (expanded poly-ethylene) paddle with a handle for buoyancy and planing. It floats and wants to stay on the surface.

A mini water ski or wake-board for your hand. Easy grip handle with no leashes or finger holds to slow you down. It’s 3D shape creates a “wave wall” which can provide some additional speed and momentum from the ‘fire hose” effect.

The Surf-Grip surface is soft so it is safer in crowded breaks. Probably the lowest price hand plane available.



Bodysurfing Goggles

Goggles for Bodysurfing

Surf sunglasses and goggles for body surfing are one and the same. They are sunglasses designed for use during water sports. The frames are extra strong and the lenses will not break or fall out even when being pushed by the water. The lenses have a hydrophobic coating which helps the water to sheet off. Surf sunglasses always have a head strap to keep the glasses securely on your head and some surf sunglasses come with an extra layer of protection from loss, a leash that can be secured to a wetsuit or around your neck. Goggle for body surfing (surf sunglasses) do not seal around the eyes but have maximize air circulation to minimize fogging.

Tierra del Fuego

The Tierra del Fuego have hydrophobic coated lenses which repel water along with oils and dust particles – your glasses will stay clean for longer. When they do get dirty, hydrophobic lenses clean easier than normal lenses.

Cool, extremely comfortable sunglasses that are great for use on the land or in the sea. Dark and yellow lenses included.

Bodysurfing Goggles Tierra del Fuego


Excellent drainage, a hydrophobic water shield coating on the lenses, and a non-elastic head strap make these sunglasses a favorite for body surfers. There is
some danger of loosing a lens in the surf.

Bodysurfing Goggles Mauricio

Surf Shades X

New cool design is backed up by a 1 year guarantee against loss in the surf. Also available in prescription lenses, Surf Shades X can be fit with prescriptions up to SPH -4 & CYL 2.

Bodysurfing Goggles Surf Shades X